Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use of the services provided in the safe facility market
1. Shipping cost:
1.1 The cost of transporting the goods is borne by the buyer of the product
1.2 In incentive plans and seasonal auctions, the free shipping discount code will be provided to the subscriber periodically, and the user must use it when registering the product, and after registering the product, the discount code will not be usable.
1.3 Free shipping will be given to shopping carts that are more than 7 million Tomans and have been registered through the virtual store. It should be noted that this service will only be available in Tehran (except for polyethylene tanks).
1.4 The cost of transporting the product by the persons who are not in control of this collection is determined, calculated and received according to the custom of the volume and weight of the product:
Tipax, Freight, Tehran Municipality Motor Courier, Bus Terminal Freight, Suburban Taxis

2. Price of registered products
2.1 The effort of this group and its employees is to gain the satisfaction and comfort of subscribers and colleagues, but in the meantime, we are facing the market and unstable prices of goods, which producers may change at any time without prior notice. However, we always consider it our duty to provide the highest possible prices for the products listed on the site, so we try our best to check the prices up to date and even the time, please note. The sheer volume and range of products and volatile prices make this even more difficult
2.2 All prices registered in the store now belong to the year 1998 and in the new year we have increased the price according to the list announced by the manufacturers, we are trying to update the prices and this process until 1399/04 / 02 will take time, so after registering the order, our colleagues in the sales department will correct the prices and inform you.
3 product warranties
If the purchased product is not used and includes a warranty, you will receive the warranty card along with the stamped invoice of the company at the time of delivery of your order.
4. When ordering by default, the amount of 30,000 Tomans will be included in your invoice for delivery in Tehran, which includes only small products that can be transported by motorcycle. We will pay the difference between the cost of transportation by van or truck. Will be received upon delivery of the product
Store management will be ready to receive your valuable reviews and comments. If you have any questions, criticisms or comments, please contact us via the contact form or email [email protected]

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation

Engineer Mehrdad Karimi

اعلام حریق و اطفا حریق تاسیسات ایمن


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